Our Clinic and its medical team

“Not only do we take care of your body but we also take care of you”

This has always been our motto. We certainly have a spacious facility, a full medical team, and the latest advancements available to medical science. But what is really crucial to our endeavours is making sure of your well-being, taking care of all the details to make you feel most comfortable.

Clinica Dual's medical team, facilities and equipment

Our medical team consists of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in all fields pertaining to plastic surgery: our plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, nutrition specialists and aesthetic physicians guarantee good practice at all times as demanded by our vocation.

For your peace of mind we perform all surgical procedures in the Nueve de Octubre Hospital, request the most advanced lab tests prior to surgery and always comply with the strictest health regulations.



Dr. Jorge Amorrortu
Dr. Ricardo González
Dr. José Folch


Dr. José Verdejo


Nurse Carmen Santiago
Nurse Natalia Mínguez


Dr. María Cózar
Nurse Carmen Santiago
Nutricionist Esther Medina
Assistant Nurse Beatriz Margaix


Director: Isabel Domenech
Recepcionist: Marisol Roldán